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Penguin Bloom By Cameron Bloom 



  The Bloom family thought they were saving little Penguin the magpie but in an unexpected and extraordinarily moving way, Penguin saved them right back. This story and Cameron's incredible photos is the most uplifting, inspiring tale of the power of the bond between humans and animals. I'm in awe. - Mia Freedman
Penguin the magpie might just melt your heart - Kidspot
As someone who believes in the power of storytelling through photography, Penguin Bloom is a stunning collection of pictures. I was first introduced to the story of Penguin The Magpie, Sam and her wonderful husband Cameron at a charity function and was instantly captivated by their beautiful story of positivity in challenging times. - Guy Sebastian
Each image holds radiating warmth that can be felt by the viewer... Each moment is a glimpse of a magical friendship that has been shared with us through the beauty of Bloom’s photography. - Beautiful Decay



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